Conference Proceeding

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The list of Full Papers:
Full Papers
Paper 8 The importance of school leaders for deploying and integrating ICT in schools: From the perspective of Catholic rural school leaders.
Paper 16 IT Service Management: The Alignment of ITIL® Practi-tioner Guidance with Service-Dominant Logic
Paper 24 Summer hot, Winter not! – Seasonal influences on context-based music recommendations
Paper 28 Designing for Change and Transformation: Exploring the Role of IS Artefact Generativity
Paper 31 The Formation Process towards Conglomeration of Digital Ecosystems: A Hybrid Organizing Perspective
Paper 36 Investigating the impact of ICT tutorial strategies to promote improved Database knowledge acquisition
Paper 38 Digital Government Strategy Derivation: A Matter of Design
Paper 43 Customer Agility Capabilities at EuroBank: The Role of ICT and Organizational Routines
Paper 46 A Balanced Theory of Knowledge Management in Software Process Improvement
Paper 47 Exploring the ACIS Community through the Analysis of Co-authorship across Institutions
Paper 48 Patient Information Model to Support Population-level Workload Analysis
Paper 57 A Serious Game Design: Nudging Users’ Memorability of Security Questions
Paper 60 Segmenting an Online Reviewer Community: Empirical Detection and Comparison of Reviewer Clusters
Paper 74 Understanding Organizational Approach towards End User Privacy
Paper 80 Understanding the Formation of Information Security Climate Perceptions: A Longitudinal Social Network Analysis
Paper 81 A SECI-Based Knowledge Conversion Model of Business Process Capture
Paper 83 A Model for Enhancing Human Behaviour with Security Questions: A Theoretical Perspective
Paper 88 Empirical study of user experience on mobile data collection for chronic low back pain
Paper 89 Revisiting McFarlan’s Risk Model for IS Implementation Success - Does Culture Matter?
Paper 94 Beyond 2D Product Presentation in E-commerce: A Literature Review
Paper 95 Value Creation in Digital Service Platforms
Paper 99 Open innovation in IT clusters: A comparative study of Indian IT organisations
Paper 102 A Survey of Simulation Research in Information Systems Discipline
Paper 103 Conceptualising and Understanding User Behaviour in En-terprise Social Networks: A Qualitative Analysis
Paper 113 Oral History in Information Systems Research: a reconsideration of a traditional tool
Paper 115 Understanding the Role of Social Media in the Assessment of Retailer-Hosted Consumer Reviews
Paper 118 Coordination in Distributed Agile Software Development: A Systematic Review
Paper 122 A Model of Business Intelligence Systems Use in Chinese Organizations
Paper 125 Mining the Mind – Applying Quantitative Techniques to Understand Mental Models of Security
Paper 126 ‘Anti’-Social Media: Narcissism and Self-Control as Predictors of Facebook Self-Disclosure
Paper 131 Online peer-to-peer sobriety support: a conceptualization of the peer to peer social support mechanisms in an online "Stop Drinking" community
Paper 132 Towards a dynamic model of IT innovation in organisations.
Paper 140 Digital Preservation of Cultural Heritage: An Ontology-Based Approach
Paper 141 Analysis of the Total Cost of Ownership for Cloud Computing Technology Adoption: A Case Study of Regional Municipal Government Sector
Paper 144 Value co-creation in the digital factory – The empowered role of shop floor workers
Paper 146 Designing User Interfaces for the Elderly: A Systematic Literature Review
Paper 147 Issues of Implied Trust in Ethical Hacking
Paper 149 Ethical issues around crowdwork: How can blockchain technology help?
Paper 152 Towards the Development of a DSS Supporting the Integration of Crowdsourcing in Theory Testing: Conceptual Framework and Model
Paper 174 Evaluating User Satisfaction and Organisational Benefits of Electronic Medication Management System in an Australian Hospital
Paper 175 An Information Systems PhD by Artefact and Exegesis?
Paper 176 Practice of Design Science Research in a Developing Country: Circumscription Knowledge Informed by the Socio-cultural Context in India
Paper 180 Convergence Behaviour of Bystanders: An Analysis of 2016 Munich Shooting Twitter Crisis Communication
Paper 181 Intelligent Medical Case Based e-Learning System
Paper 183 The shifting sand of program coordination effort: Lessons from IT-enabled transformation programs
Paper 184 Scaling Agile at the Program Level in an Australian Software Vendor Environment: A Case Study
Paper 194 Developing a Framework towards Design Understanding for Crowdsourcing Research: A Content Analysis
Paper 196 An Analysis of Design Science Research Adoption in Doctoral Projects in Australia
Paper 197 Contribution in Information Systems: Insights from the Disciplinary Matrix
Paper 198 Readmission risk prediction for patients after total hip or knee arthroplasty
Paper 206 Do Social Bots Dream of Electric Sheep? A Categorisation of Social Media Bot Accounts
Paper 207 Strategies and Influence of Social Bots in a 2017 German state election – A case study on Twitter
Paper 210 Knowledge Sharing and Innovative Work Behaviour: A Case Study from Vietnam
Paper 211 Design Principles (DPs) for Building Social Media Enabled Collaborative Learning Environments (SMECLEs)
Paper 218 A Decision Support Framework for Public Healthcare: An Approach to Follow-up Support Service
Paper 220 Towards a Synthesis of the Guidelines for the Development of Measurement
Paper 225 Is FinTech a Disruption or a New Eco- system? An Exploratory Investigation of Banks’ Response to FinTech in Australia
Paper 229 A Critical Analysis of Inter-Coder Reliability Methods in Information Systems Research
Paper 234 Effect of Self-efficacy and Emotional Engagement on Introductory Programming Students
Paper 238 Organisational Cyber Resilience: Research opportunities
Paper 249 Efficiency Engine vs. Entrepreneurial Innovation: A Conceptual Comparison
Paper 250 Exploring Social Media Affordances in Natural Disaster: Case Study of 2015 Myanmar Flood
Paper 251 An Assessment Framework to Determine the Strategic Value of IT Architectures in Smart Grids
Paper 255 Choosing a Design Science Research Methodology
Paper 256 TRiDS: Treatments for Risks in Design Science John R Venable
Paper 264 The Interface of IT Capabilities and Disruptive Innovations
The list of Research in Progress Papers:
Research in Progress
Paper 5 A Typology of Knowledge Co-creation in Social Networks
Paper 14 Challenges Concerning Data-Driven Innovation
Paper 18 Supporting Customized Design Thinking Using a Metamodel-based Approach
Paper 30 The perceived public value of social media in Queensland local Councils
Paper 50 Towards an understanding of how and why Design Science Research scholars evaluate
Paper 53 Accelerating Open Digital Innovation in the Automotive In-dustry: Action Design Research in Progress
Paper 56 IO Vision – an integrated system to support the visually impaired
Paper 61 The Importance of Reliable Information Sources for Prospective Medical Travellers
Paper 64 Opportunity Costs during PhD Enrolment: An Innovative Information Systems Research Training Programme
Paper 67 The Role of Big Data Analytics in Innovation: A Study from The Telecom Industry
Paper 69 The Role of IT and Knowledge Management Capabilities in Generating Innovation Knowledge in Telecom Companies
Paper 71 Towards a Flexible Cloud Architectural Decision Framework for Diverse Application Architectures
Paper 87 Generating a Risk Profile for Car Insurance Policyholders: A Deep Learning Conceptual Model
Paper 90 Exploring Micro and Macro Level Appropriation of an E-learning Platform: A Study in a Middle Eastern and a Western Educational Contexts
Paper 91 Managing Open Innovation: An Exploration of Information Technologies and Open Search Patterns
Paper 96 IS Enactment and organisational learning: A case of an integrated ERP post-implementation in Australia
Paper 97 Designing Persuasive Avatars in mHealth for Arabic Culture: A Qualitative Study
Paper 110 Psychological Contracts, Antecedents and Consequences: A New Roadmap to Enhance Purchase Intentions in Social Commerce
Paper 114 A Critical Hermeneutics Analysis of SME ERP Implementation Project Management Practices
Paper 120 Complimentary Return-Freight Insurance Serves as Quality Signal or Noise?
Paper 124 Undergraduates Perception of Informal Personal Learning Environments: Affordances for Self-Regulated Learning
Paper 130 Enhancing forestry supply chain through innovative integration of digital tools and techniques
Paper 142 Person Centred Information for Discharge Home
Paper 143 A Framework for Mitigating Leakage of Competitively Sensitive Knowledge in Start-ups
Paper 145 Organisation Culture and Business Process Management Success
Paper 150 Technology Knowledge in Marketing Ecosystems: A Framework and Research Agenda
Paper 151 Advancing ICT4D Research through Service-Dominant Logic
Paper 153 Social commerce in Saudi Arabia: An investigation of the impact of government involvement and social and individual factors on consumers' behaviour
Paper 163 Who are the Operational Users of Enterprise Systems: Does One Size Fit All?
Paper 165 The Role of Information Systems in Preventing Railway Suicide: A Service Value Co-Creation Perspective
Paper 168 Capturing information technology use by senior secondary school students in New Zealand
Paper 171 Port terminal congestion management. An integrated information systems approach for improving supply chain value
Paper 178 Personality Traits to Allocate Information Systems Student Teams
Paper 182 Fog Computing Challenges: A Systematic Review
Paper 185 The Role of National Culture in the Strategic Use of and Investment in ICT: A Comparative Study of Japanese and Australian Organisations
Paper 189 Using Immersive Virtual Reality to Create Presence in Online Shopping
Paper 199 Two Heads are Better than One: A Theoretical Model for Cybersecurity Intelligence Sharing (CIS) between Organisations
Paper 226 Explaining How Agile Software Development Practices Moderate the Negative Effects of Faultlines in Teams
Paper 227 Enterprise social software appropriation: A dance of animacy
Paper 228 A Framework for Information Security Risk Management in IT Outsourcing
Paper 231 Heuristics for Gaining Project Insights
Paper 241 Failed IT projects: Is poor IT governance to blame?
Paper 243 Temporal Changes in the Impact of Drivers of Online Review Influence
Paper 245 Facilitating Knowledge Transfer for Innovation: Towards a Decision Support System to Identify Knowledge Stock in the ICT Profession
Paper 246 Juxtaposed practices in social software projects
Paper 248 Alter-identity work via Social Media in Professional Service Contexts
Paper 253 The Digitization of Healthcare: Understanding Personal Health Information Disclosure by Consumers in Developing Countries - An Extended Privacy Calculus Perspective
Paper 260 Emergency Notification on Mobile Devices – A Trade-off between Protection Motivation and Privacy Concern