Track 6: Agile, Project Management and IS Development

Information Systems Development (ISD) underpins the Information Systems discipline, although traditional IS research often treats ISD as a black box. Papers in this track open the black box by highlighting research on current and emergent approaches to ISD that include adaptive and agile project management techniques.

ISD is a broad and complex concern encompassing diversity in approaches to analysing, designing, developing, and managing projects. Additionally, ISD frequently takes place in complex, uncertain, and mission-critical contexts. ISD involves peoples, processes, organisational cultures and structures, and advanced and emerging technologies. So many factors influence and shape ISD that different ways to address it have emerged. Examples include agile software development, lean development, DevOps, Squads, globally distributed and virtual software development, among others. This fluid environment presents continuing challenges and opportunities for practitioners, and many openings for ISD research to improve our understanding of the multi-faceted nature of ISD.

This track seeks quality research papers investigating current and emerging aspects of ISD and agile project management. Possible topics of interest include, but are not restricted to, the following.

  • Agile project management versus traditional project management
  • Agile software development – coordination, control, and limitations
  • Agile software development – teams, teamwork, and performance
  • Various approaches to ISD
  • Distributed ISD – mechanisms, strategies, challenges, and opportunities
  • Emergent practices and processes (e.g. Lean and DevOps)
  • Emergent issues in managing ISD
  • Industry-specific ISD
  • Innovative management of ISD projects
  • ISD for digital services, big data, and analytics
  • ISD for sustainable development
  • Research methods, tools, and techniques for studying ISD
  • Requirements and requirements management in ISD
  • Role of ISD in organisational transformation
  • Stakeholders and stakeholder management in ISD
  • Success and failure in ISD
  • The link between requirements and tests
  • Theorising ISD and IS project management

Track Chairs

Mali Senapathi
Auckland University of Technology, NZ
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Sharon Coyle
The University of Sydney, Australia
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Diane Strode
Whitireia Polytechnic, NZ
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