Track 11: Service Science, Management and Innovation in IS

Service Science is an emerging academic discipline that builds upon, and is highly relevant to, Information Systems (IS) scholars. For one, Information Systems enable the creation of many services (e.g. cloud based storage), but also represent the context in which many services are co-created (e.g. IT consulting). At the same time, service is a concept that many now consider the foundation of all economic exchange. Service-focused research in IS today aims to create and refine concepts, models, methods and systems to reflect these developments. It covers a broad range of different areas from IT Service Management through digital service innovation to the design, engineering and management of (increasingly cyber-physical) service systems. We call upon IS researchers with an interest in service science, management and innovation to address the emerging challenges through fresh thinking. Specifically, this track intends to facilitate the discourse amongst those interested in questions related to service science that extend or even depart from conventional wisdom within IS research. We invite those who are interested to shape the future of service science, the field, to join us in Hobart.

Potential topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Digital service innovation; servitization
  • Digital customer service experiences
  • Big data analytics in service
  • Emerging technologies and service
  • Service-dominant (SD) logic
  • Value co-creation
  • Service Systems Engineering
  • Cyber-physical service systems
  • Information Systems-as-a-service/cloud services
  • IT service management, including
    • IT4IT,
    • Service integration and management (SIAM),
    • Enterprise service management (ESM),
    • DevOps,
    • Virtual peer-to-peer problem solving communities to support IT

Track chairs:

Christoph F Breidbach
The University of Melbourne, Australia
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Axel Korthaus
Swinburne University of Technology, Australia
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Aileen Cater-Steel
University of Southern Queensland, Australia
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