Track 10: Human Computer Interaction, the User Experience, and Human-centred IS

HCI and user experience in Information Systems relates to the design, evaluation and use of the systems we interact with, with a specific focus on user performance and experience. Given the interconnected world of today, we do not necessarily know who the users are, which highlights a need for a strong focus on ‘designing for all’. This track explores research on all HCI issues, the impact of poor design, methods for building effective systems and how to achieve human-centred design.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • HCI methods and theories;
  • Evaluation methods and techniques;
  • Development approaches which support good design;
  • Participatory design;
  • Psychology and cognition;
  • Natural user interfaces;
  • Ergonomics and Information Systems;
  • Human-Centred Design;
  • Human Information Behaviour;
  • Human Computer Information Retrieval;
  • The User Experience;
  • Approaches to and application of usability testing;
  • Conversational AI Agents;
  • New forms of AI interfaces
  • Gerontology and HCI

Track Chairs

Julie Fisher
Monash University, Australia
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Anushia Inthiran
Canterbury University, New Zealsand
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Mike Seymour
The University of Sydney, Australia
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