Data, Knowledge and Decisions

With this year's theme we wish to highlight both the breadth of interests and challenges in the Information Systems community ranging from (big) data analysis and (formal) decision making to inquiries about the very nature of data, knowledge, and decisions which may be conceptualised and experienced in very different ways.

We are a young discipline that has already been exposed to change and challenge through the innovation of business ICT and the blurring of boundaries between corporate and community with the uptake of social media. What is an information system? How do current trends such Social Media and big data impact on the traditional view of our discipline?

Ultimately, the breadth of inquiry is a strength of the Information Systems community but one which may be viewed as a weakness when not clearly communicated. This applies in particular when interfacing across disciplinary boundaries which themselves are based on matters of perception rather than facts.

This year for ACIS 2017 we would like to challenge you to think about Data, Knowledge and Decisions. What are our challenges when dealing with the large volume of data currently being generated when thinking about managing, organising and making sense of this data? How can we support the creation of knowledge from information created when managing and organising data? As one of the fundamental roles of Information Systems is supporting decision making, how are we adjusting out current understanding of Information Systems in response to new technology such as social media?

Come and join us at ACIS2017 where we will explore these issues both through our plenary sessions and within our tracks.